• Package Receiving at our Blaine, WA Facility

    U.S. Mailbox Rentals, Shipping, Receiving & Warehousing Services in Blaine, WA
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  • Receiving Confirmations for Email Notification

    Backed by an IT system that provides receiving notifications & shipment management.
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  • Easy Delivery Services for Mailbox Pickup

    From local parcel, to full truckloads, TransMailBox accepts all shipments.
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    We Offer Canada to US Shipping in Blaine, WA and Surrounding Areas

    TransMailBox is pristinely located in Blaine, Washington. Our convenient location on the northern border of the U.S. allows us to provide both Canadians and Americans with shipping and receiving services, mailbox rentals, and shipment tracking. We also accept all types of shipping options, so turn to TransMailBox the next time you have a shipment or parcel you want securely transported.

    We offer comprehensive shipping and receiving services, including:

    • Local parcel delivery
    • Full truckload shipments
    • Pallet good receiving
    • U.S. mailbox rental
    • Warehouse services
    • Milestone confirmations

    All of our services are supported by an intricate IT system that receives tracking and delivery notifications and streamlines integrated shipping management. This complex, accurate system also allows you to pay and checkout from your smartphone or computer.

    If you are a Canadian buyer who would like a U.S. address in Blaine, WA, TransMailBox can provide you with one. We make shipping and receiving across the border a breeze. You’ll eliminate the hassles that can occur at customs and simplify business across the border.

    What We Will Save You

    • We will save you time with our convenient location, email alerts, and online checkout portal.
    • We will save you money by eliminating customs clearance and providing cost-effective shipping options.
    • We will save you headaches by providing outbound shipments to anywhere in the world and unrivalled inbound receiving.

    Contact Us

    For receiving and shipping to Canada or Blaine, WA, trust TransMailBox. We will save you money and protect your shipments across the border. We can be reached locally at (360) 332-1327 or toll free at (800) 200-6377. You can also email us at bli@transgroup.com. We look forward to working with you soon!

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    Package receiving fees:

    $2.75 per regular package
    $4.50 per oversize package-any package over 40 lb or exceeds 36" in any one dimension

    Pallet receiving fees:

    $15.00 per pallet
    $25.00 per oversize pallet-constitutes any pallet exceeding the standard 48"x40"

    Mailbox service fee:

    $6.00 per month

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